Commercial Cookery (Chef) Apprenticeship
Full-time Apprenticeship

Location: Lockyer Valley
Duration: 36 months
Closing Date: 2/08/2024
Position Overview:
The purpose of this Commercial Cookery (Chef) Apprenticeship in Lockyer Valley is to provide the successful applicant with the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge through completing on the job working experience and training with an employer whilst completing a nationally recognised course of training through a registered training organisation.
Duties and Responsibilities:
Chefs are professional cooks who are well trained in all aspects of food preparation and presentation. Chefs may choose to specialise in a specific cuisine, and some open their own restaurants or publish cookbooks.

Chefs work in the kitchen of a restaurant or other dining environments such as bars, cafes, hotels and mobile kitchens that cater for events such as festivals, conferences and weddings.

Suits people who can work well under pressure and within time-constraints. As an apprentice Chef you will develop an understanding of how flavours combine and the ability to follow complex recipes.

Day-to-day tasks may include:
- planning and designing menus
- estimate food and labour costs and order ingredients and supplies
- monitoring the quality of dishes at all stages of preparation and presentation
- discussing food preparation issues with managers, dietitians and kitchen and wait staff
- preparing and cooking food
- following hygiene r
Essential Criteria:
- A willingness to develop skills and knowledge.
- The ability to listen, follow instructions and ask for assistance when required.
- The desire to make a positive contribution to the workplace by being punctual, showing interest and adhering to the relevant workplace policies and procedures.
- The ability to act responsibly and safely in the workplace.
- The ability to develop effective working relationships both in the workplace as well as with Golden West Apprenticeships team members.
- The ability to complete timesheets correctly and on-time.
Desirable Criteria:
- Work experience in your chosen industry
Position Requirements:
To fulfil the requirements of Commercial Cookery (Chef) Apprenticeship with Golden West Apprenticeships you will:

- Abide by the terms and conditions of the Training Contract.
- Complete Golden West Apprenticeships inductions.
- Perform work in a satisfactory manner.
- Commit to and complete the Training Plan in the timeframe allocated by completing theory based assessments and demonstrating skills through competency based assessments to the best of your ability.
- Comply with registration relevant to your field of work, in particular the Further Education and Training Act and the Work Health and Safety Act.