Numeracy Assessment (Maths)


Question 1

What is the largest number on each line below?
367 193 700

4408 799 3368

Question 2

a. Two numbers add up to 87, if one is 39, what is the other?

b. Rebecca is a painter who buys the following items from a paint store - paint $125, brushes $95, cleaning fluids $12, and plastic covers $8. How much did she spend in total?

c. During a day's shopping you spent $26.25 at the butcher, $15.80 at the chemist and $12.50 at the newsagency. How much have you spent in total during the shopping trip?

Question 3

a. Diane purchased a belt sander for $250 which she later sold for $375.  How much profit did she make?

b. Gerry is a carpenter and is making a bookcase. He hit a nail 65mm long through a piece of wood 22.5 mm thick and into a large piece of wood. How many millimetres did the nail go into the large piece of wood?

c. If Jack is 13 years older than his sister who is 49, how old is Jack?

Question 4

a. A box holds 15 lettuces. At the end of the day the farm crew had filled 86 boxes. How many lettuces is that in total?

b. The sales manager at a local store has to add 'on-costs' of 15% to all electrical items. If his purchase price was toaster was $35 what will be its sale price?

c. A casual worker worked six hours and is paid $14.50 per hour. How much will they get paid for their work?

c. If Jack is 13 years older than his sister who is 49, how old is Jack?

Question 5

a. A deceased estate has the combined value of $188,500. If it is split between four relatives equally, how much does each receive?

b. Lunch at a local take-away for six friends cost a total of $48.00. How much should each person pay?

c. If five litres of glue costs $65.00, how much will 1 litre cost?

Question 6

a. Which of the following fractions is larger? 3/5 or 1/2

b. hich of the following fractions is smaller? 3/4 or 2/3

c. Akeem scored 80% in an exam containing 25 Questions. How many Questions did he get right?

Question 7

a. How many centimetres are there in 1.8 metres?

b. How many grams are there is 3.24 kilograms?

c. How many millilitres are there is 3 ½ litres?

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