Literacy Assessment (Grammar)


Question 1

Bay City Surfwear is a small business that has just been established by its owner-operator Sue Campbell. Her target market is younger women and her products are designed for people aged from around 15 to 30 years old looking for beach wear and casual summer clothing and accessories.

Sue has sourced four wholesalers from where she will buy most of her stock, including arrangements with two suppliers for 30 days credit, while the others are Cash on Delivery (COD). She has purchased her store fittings and has $15,000 of stock (Stock at Valuation – or SAV), with a further $10,000 on 30 days credit).

She has leased premises in a large shopping arcade at an annual cost of $19,800. Her monthly outgoings (phone, IT, power and water) come to around $850 per month. Sue has recruited three casual part-time sales assistants who work on some weekends and during the week in the busier shopping periods.

To help set up the business Sue has employed Pam Polento as her book keeper who will assist her in setting up her accounts and banking arrangements using a small business accounting software package of some kind. At this stage Sue has been advised by Pam that MYOB is a popular choice with many small businesses, but Sue has had no experience of this software herself.

a. What are the rental costs for a year in this shopping centre?
b. What is the name of the computing software being considered for tracking the shop’s operations?
c. How many wholesalers require terms of Cash on Delivery?
d. What is Bay City Surfwear’s target market?
e. How many employees has Sue Campbell employed?

Question 2

The five words below are misspelt. Correctly spell each one:

a. recruutment
b. markiting
c. servise
d. adminstration
e. pollicy

Question 3

Write the plural of the following words:

a. mechanic
b. woman
c. branch
d. child
e. sheep

Question 4

Put the following words into alphabetical order: 
  1. conference
  2. schedule
  3. business
  4. accounting
  5. meetings
  6. transcription
  7. communication
  8. organisation
  9. technology
  10. customer

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